Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kourt and Mads Bowtique

Personalized stuff is so much more fun - And here is a store that does it oh so well! Kourt and Mads Bowtique has so many items that just make my day! First of all let me show off one of their burp cloth sets:
Gift sets available for boys and girls in all varieties! Bibs, Blankies, Burp cloths - You can even get onesies to match! Here is another sweet little set that includes burp cloths, blankie, and hair bow.

And there is even more to explore at their shop! TuTu's, headbands and ruffle socks! Look at this adorable patriotic set for the 4th of July ---

This generous is shop is giving awaya $50 gift certificate to be used on any of their products. (I am in heaven!) This giveaway is through Dang Gina and that is where you can enter! You have until July 6th to get in on this great opportunity.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Koala Kuddles

If you are expecting, or you know someone who is may I recommend Koala Kuddles. This company has a great swaddling blanket design that is adorable and versatile.

Here is MY favorite pattern - Polka dot printed in tints of Koala Kuddles green. Design is printed on 100% muslin cotton cloth. Cloth is lightweight, breathable and ideal for the perfect swaddle.

Go to their website to buy your own set - or go to Take It From Me for your chance to win a 3 pack! This giveaway is ending July 4th so get your entries in quick!

Essential Swimwear

What do we want in a swimsuit? Affordable, Stylish, and above all it must be Flattering! I wanted to let you guys in on my latest discovery: Essential Swimwear! I do love a lot of what they have in stock and I am sure you will feel the same when I show you my two favorites:

This design is so perfect in so many ways, and it comes in other colors if you're not a fan of white

I love the straps and the accent piece in the middle - What a great way to swim

Summer has just begun and there will be plenty of occasion to wear one, so why not win one? Essential Swimwear is giving away a swimsuit of your choice! Go to OUR FAMILY TREAT  for the details!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Family Treat - cookbook giveaway

Hey everyone! I discovered a new favorite giveaway site today! (***insert three cheers and boisterous whistling here) The blog is called Our Family Treat and I am loving everything I have read through so far. I found an amazing fish marinade for grilling and can't wait to see what they have posted next!

Currently on this site they are giving away a cookbook called SOS! The 6:00 scramble. It is full of creativity and quick tricks!

I like the thought of being able to put together a quick meal right at 6:00 that will be pleasing to all those who eat it. So I have entered to win! To put in your entries just go to Our Family Treat and check out all the details! Contest ends June 26th so get a move on.

Sanuk Sandals

I am just going to let the pictures do the talking for Sanuk Sandals!

I have to admit I have never heard of Sanuk, but let me assure you that I am now on board. Somebody in charge has good taste! And what a way to discover them - through a giveaway site! Someone will be winning a pair of Sanuk Sandals of their choice over at Take It From Me. The winning entry will be announced on July 2nd!

Cherished Thoughts - handmade cards

Not all cards are created equal. Let's face it, some are just cuter. I love the truly unique and oh so awesome cards found at Cherished Thoughts.

I have never seen a scrabble card! I absolutely need it.

Look at this precious little number for baby girl or little girl -

Are you hooked yet? There are so many more at their Etsy Store! Go check it out and then enter the giveaway at Dang Gina. The winner is going to receive a set of baby shower cards - Cute little pregnant mommy picture on the front --- It's all at Dang Gina!

Piccadilly Circus Designs

I have always liked the look of applique clothing, and I LOVE the look of these hand sewn pieces by Piccadilly Circus Designs.

As you can see they have awesome stuff for boys and for girls. And you will even find cute little onesies for babies! I think I am going to get a sporty one (as shown above) for a little guy whose birthday is coming up. I am so glad I found this shop because they will let you customize any letter or number - in any color - an any style shirt. FABULOUS!

Piccadilly Circus Designs is giving away one applique shirt. In order to enter just head over to the Take It From Me giveaway site. Leave a comment and let them know which item is your favorite!

M&M Baby Slings and MoRockin Creations

One can never have too many carriers, and if you don't have one at all you are missing out! At M&M Baby and MoRockin Creations you are sure to find a few that will suit you. Look at this one of a kind Ring Sling material!

As I went through their Etsy Shop there was an awesome variety to choose from. But I am not showing you my absolute favorite, because I don't want you to go and buy it before I can win it of course :) That's right, I said WIN IT. That means for FREE! Okay, I guess you can go and enter to win as well - Let's just hope you don't pick out the same one! All the details for the giveaway are at Dang Gina. Put in your entries before June 30th.

Spoil me Chic

There is nothing I love more after a stressful day than taking a BATH. For me it never fails to be fabulous. How can you not love instant relaxation in a world of warmth and bubbles??? There is something about the way you feel afterward when you are all comfy and ready for bed. Awwww...

So that brings me to tell you about the ultimate relaxation store. It is called Spoil me Chic (but I also like to call it heaven. haha) They have all kinds of products specifically created for pampering. Not only for bathtime, but also for sleepy time!

Robes, showercaps, microfiber towells, and bath salts. Face masks, satin pillowcases... you really just need to go check it out for yourself. Click here to view all of these items and even more!

Lots of this stuff made it onto my wish list, but if I had to pick just one I would choose a comfy lounge robe! (Retro Red to be specific.) They look so super soft and stylin!

If you go over to Take It From Me you can enter to win a cougar style robe in any size you want!
For your first entry make sure to comment about your favorite product! The giveaway will be closing on July 1st, so you have a few days to dream about this stuff. :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Official 3 Day Potty Training Method

I know it sounds crazy - Potty train your toddler in 3 days? But I really think this is worth a try! I did some research, and found that there are quite A LOT of people who have given this program a thumbs up! This one on one, step-by-step method helps cultivate a desire in kids to be trained. No matter what stage they are at, you can begin this process with them. Learn more about it at the official site for 3 day potty training.

You have to chances to get the book for FREE by entering to win at SIMPLE! Check it out, and leave a comment! This giveaway will close on 6/24


Need a new purse? How about an extremely cute, spacious, padded one from Epiphanie! Right now they have 4 great options to choose from. Red, Blue, Black, Brown... the perfect assortment! I have entered to win this beauty:

All the details about which bags you can choose and how to enter is on the Simple Giveaway Site!
Leave a comment for them before June 28th!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Look Everyone --- Look I say!!! This is one awesome opportunity! Take it From Me giveaway site has found an amazing product and are featuring a giveaway for a Kids Comfort Carrier from Deuter! Just look at it in all it's glory.

When you feel like hiking and you're just not sure if you can take your little one - Deuter!
When your child is restless and needs a shady place out of the sun - Deuter!
When you want to go on a bike ride as a family and you need a way to pack the kid - Deuter!

These are just a few of the ways this carrier can be used. It has top of the line features and just looks awesome! Go check out all the details at their site and then enter to win at Take it From Me. Be quick, it ends tonight! I am so there!

Touch of Sunshine

Add a Touch of Sunshine to your home with something from this store! I'm so "punny!" But really... This store Touch of Sunshine has wonderful handcrafted home decor.

I love all the seasonal pieces. Each of them have a special quality for the holidays. For instance here are the "Flag Stars." Such a great item for so close to Independence Day!

Another one that really stood out to me was this SPOOKY decoration for Halloween.

I won't spoil the fun and show you each and every holiday, but here is one more item for every day use. You can even order this "unfinished" and paint it yourself! What fun!!!

You could win a $25 gift certificate to get something from Touch of Sunshine! So you want to know how, huh? I can't hardly blame you! Go to the Dang Gina giveaway site and scroll down until you find this shop! You can't miss it - and you will also see more cute examples of the cute items to choose from! Then post a comment about your favorite item to be entered! Hurry, this one ends soon. June 22nd!


I am going to win this adorable hooded towell from Ahmelie!

Okay, maybe you will win and get to pick one you love. Perhaps this watermelon variety instead of the lime?

Or maybe you will just love the Ahmelie store as much as I do and buy something else! You will have lots to choose from. Swaddlers - Purses - Burp Cloths - Blankies - Sewing patterns- even some check book covers... oh the joys. Here are a few of my top picks!

There is also an Ahmelie Etsy store that has most of the same stuff, and some different variety. So you won't want to miss checking there!

If you are interested in the hooded towell giveaway I mentioned earlier you will want to visit the Dang Gina site and put in your entry. It will be open until June 27th!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Modern Bird Studios... Again!

I know you have all seen these on my blog before, but I am such a fan of Modern Bird Studios! And you will be too after one peak at their portfolio! They are having another giveaway (hosted by Beauty and Bedlam), and I can't keep myself from spreading the word - I get so excited about the prospect of someone winning! I think their work is so unique and I am determined to someday own several pieces of this art for my house.

One for the kid's room:

A Couple's portrait for the bedroom

Something like this for the family room:
And an awesome pre-designed floral print for the bathroom:

I am afraid my daydreams and stalking them will never end :) So get on the boat and enter to win here! You might as well put your name in - You just might win! And if you do... I will be insanely jealous.

Magpie and Cake

Take It From Me is hosting another great giveaway! They always pick the cutest stores to review. This time I want to direct your attention to the Magpie and Cake Etsy Store. The first thing you are going to want to check out is the Aprons! Available in all kinds of patterns for your little artist. Perfect for all those crafts, so their little clothes don't get so dirty!

And I just have to show you one of their headbands! It's so adorable!

So now that you have a taste for the cute products coming from Magpie and Cake make sure you enter to win a $15 gift certificate! More details at Take It From Me! Entries end June 20th - Don't miss this one!

Happy Solez Organics

More baby things! And even some stuff for Mom at Happy Solez Organics. The products you will find are great because they strive to provide eco-friendly goods for women and babies that are unique, appealing, and easy to use/wear! From applique onesies to bags and purses she truly has a sewing talent! But of course I choose to show you pictures of the baby booties - I'm stuck on them!

And there are many many more options! Go take a look at their website and then go put in an entry to win at Take It From Me! This giveaway ends June 20th at Midnight - Good Luck!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Puddles & Bugs

I can just see the excitement you will have on your smiling faces when I show you what's next. There is sure to be a few ooohs and aaaahs. Puddles and Bugs brings us fabric baby shoes for your little ones! Some for the boys, and some for the girls, I completely adore them all!

For your chance to win a pair visit Take It From Me! They will give you all the details about this great giveaway and how you can enter! Make sure you get your name in before June 16th!

summer - Suzanne Woolcott


There's always room for another pair of flip-flops or light weight shoes in your summer wardrobe. I am excited to tell you about a chance to win a pair of your choice from the Crocs Website! And I promise that you are going to love the options:

Let's start with the kids sizes, because I know you love to spoil them when you get the chance. For your little girl you might try a pair of these "Keeley" crocs.

The little man in the house acts like a rough tough guy most of the time anyway - why not get the shoes to match. The little fin on the top makes these some of my favorites.

And need I remind you that Father's Day is coming up. Should you win, and should you decide that the men in your life need some shoes - Here's a great choice.
Or, if you are like me and claim all your internet winnings for yourself you might consider these slide sandals. They look so comfortable I just can't wait to get my toes into them!
This is a great giveaway everyone. Thanks to Crocs you might be getting a new pair of shoes! For your chance to win go to Take It From Me and get your entries in. There's lots of competion, but make sure your name is in the mix before June 17th!

Janey Mac

I have yet to win any vinyl for my walls, but let's all try again! Janey Mac is giving away $25 to spend at their store! So who is excited to see some of their options?

Let's start with this unique headboard design. I haven't seen one like this, and it immediately caught my attention. Available in a huge variety of colors - how do you like it?

Now on to the kids room for an awesome wall quote. Every child is a miracle and no one says it better than Dr. Seuss -

I would love to include something like this in my next decor project. This dandelion decal is on the top of my list, but they also have other great picks at Janey Mac. Go check out all the trees and vines choices they have!

Ok, that was your jump start - Now your on you own. Go pick something out at Janey Mac's and then be sure to comment about it at the Dandy Giveaway site! Open for entries until Sunday June 13th in case you need a little time to narrow it down!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Priddy Creations

For all you photographers, wannabe photographers, or anyone with a camera really --- Here is Priddy Creations. They have so many great accessories and tools to help with your next photo shoot.

My personal favorite are the camera strap covers - Endless color combination and style possibilities. I love that they are affordable so you can get more than one color. Or even get two fabric patterns in one with a reversible!

Something else I think you should see - Lens Cozies! Perfect little bags to protect those extra lenses you want to carry around with you. They have every size and variety available and I know how handy something like this could be!

As for the rest of their awesome accessories - you will just have to go see for yourself. Click here to visit their website. When you are done browsing make sure to go to the Drea Wood Blog
and let her know what your favorite Priddy Creation items are. By leaving her a comment you will be entered to win a $30 Gift Certificate to the Priddy Creation site! This giveaway ends June 7th so hurry and get your entries in! Good Luck winning your favorite camera stuff!