Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Treasured by Holly

Specializing in crocheted hats, crocheted headbands, and crocheted flower clips, Treasured by Holly is truly one of my favorite shops to browse through. I currently own one of her newsboy caps and often wish I had a budget to buy one in every color!

High on my wish list are these flower clips she calls the "Olivia" - the color combinations are beautiful!

Right now(until October 27th) she has generously posted a giveaway for two of the "Lainey" bow clips shown below:

Entering to win is easy! Just go to her BLOG for details! If I win I plan to give them as Christmas gifts! Good Luck!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Eden Fantasy

A $50 gift card to Eden's Fantasy is the latest up for grabs at Dang Gina . I just wanted to let you all know about this online resource for lingerie. Although, I think I am going to opt out of posting pictures on this one. :)

When it comes to the "Lingerie" word I usually look the other way, but this shop has something for everyone. Even someone of my self-conscious taste. Instead of going to Victoria Secret or another shop, you can order something new online and not worry about the uncomfortable sales representatives :)

So just a heads up that you should go check out the Eden Fantasy shop, and enter the giveaway at Dang Gina! You can put in your entries until October 24th!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blush Accessories

I have been watching these Blush Undershirts for awhile now and am really hoping to win one on Take it From Me! I think they are exactly what every outfit needs. I am a big advocate for long shirts of any kind, and one of these can make any shirt long! Genius! These look like they would be very effective at elongating my short little torso :)

And there you have it. Back to the simple basics of Black, White, or Brown. Get your entries in by October 23rd and Good Luck!


Here we have some soft, comfortable, quality footwear for kids! Pedoodles is a great place to find a pair of shoes for your little ones.

As a sneak peak of their style, let me show you my favorite pair for little girls:It's called the Cupcake

And now the perfect fit for your little boy: It's called the Ranger

And here is the greatest news yet... Pedoodles is giving away a free pair of shoes to one lucky winner through Take it From Me giveaway site! Enter by leaving a comment, and you might just get to pick any pair of shoes you want! Giveaway ends the 22nd.

Bebe Dulce

Bebe Dulce specializes in original, handmade designs! They love custom orders and will help your original ideas come to life! Right now they are giving away an applique onesie of your choice through the site Take it From Me! Here are some of my favorite options

Get your entries in before October 20th! Besides the onesie giveaway you should really take a minute to browse through the Bebe Dulce Shop. They have all sorts of great stuff for that little one in your life!

Cutie Bootie Boutique

Shops like this one is what my blog is all about - Super great stuff that I get SO excited about! I am exceedingly giddy about the prospect of winning something from The Cutie Bootie Boutique. So... as it says in my blog title... let me tell you all about it!!!

I really love the ruffle bum onesies they have designed. I mean, REALLY LOVE! The picture on the front of this one is a hot air balloon - oh how my heart melts at the site :)

And if you are thinking that this is another girly store, think again! I singled out these adorable ties for the boys! It just can't be better than argyle and owls :)

In addition to these top picks of mine you will find stuff for Halloween, Christmas, or any occasion. I am obviously a big fan! So I highly recommend that you go take a look at the Cutie Bootie Boutique. You can win any item you want by going to Take It From Me! That's right, any one item from their store could be yours... (or mine!!!) Enter by the 23rd at midnight.

Too Chute

HaHaHaHa I can't get over how cute these are. It's a mustache shirt from Too Chute!

A cute little applique on the front, and then BAM an instant disguise on the sleeve. When kids are in that mischevous mood (which is pretty much always) they will love wearing this!
The shop Too Chute has lots of other fun items, I just had to let you know that this mustache shirt is up for grabs at Take it From Me. Enter to win! Giveaway goes until the 22nd.

Lily Bloom

You are gonna LOVE this! A double bubble reversible skirt from Lily Bloom.

The giveaway is going on right now at Take it From Me but I didn't give you much notice. It ends on the 18th (that's tomorrow) at midnight. Don't panic, the shop is not to full so you still have plenty of time to browse and pick out the style you like. The teal/green example shown above is my absolute favorite, but go check out the red polkadot one and the others. Just click HERE! Then don't forget to enter to win at Take it From Me.

Masterpieces of Fun Art

Don't miss out on this great little hair accessories etsy shop called Masterpieces of Fun Art. You can never have enough hair bows - especially when they are this cute!

Masterpieces of Fun Art
has lots of mix and match styles so you can change a color here, or add a headband there. Or you can just choose one of the cute combination choices that are already put together into gift sets like these:

And what would the world be like without the polk-a-dots. What a great little staple to have!

Lots more where these came from! Click HERE to visit the shop and pick out something sweet. You can enter to win $25 to spend at this store at Take it From Me ! This giveaway ends October 24th.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tee Wit

Looking for a site that will make you smile? Tee Wit is the place to find witty sayings and cute graphics! Once you find the perfect phrase, you can put it on anything you like - Onesies, bibs, t-shirts, hats, or even mugs!

My focus went right the baby gear. So many cute and hilarious designs!

And the maternity shirts are so clever! I had to show you a few of my favorites!

There really is something (or a lot of things) for everyone! Take some time to browse the Tee Wit website and you will be smiling in not time. Currently there is a $25 gift card up for grabs at Take it From Me. Enter to win before October 18th. Good Luck!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bebe au Lait

The spotlight is now on Bebe au Lait! What makes this shop stand out to me is the signature fabrics that they use for all their wonderful products. I really love that you can pick the product, then pick the fabric. Look at this Sevilla fabric on their Nursing Cover:

Nursing covers is just the beginning when it comes to great items for mommies. They have another product called the Hooter Hider, which slightly varies from the classic Nursing Cover. I love the looks of them both!

Then we go from mommy stuff to baby stuff that has the same choice of fabrics! Can you say Love Matchy Matchy? Reversible bibs and Hooded Towells that are just awesome.

There will be a winner at Take it From Me giveaway site who gets a hooded towell of their choice! To enter just visit their site and leave a comment about which item is your favorite! Take your time browsing Bebe au Lait or you could miss something fabulous :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fairy Wonderful

Fairy Wonderful is all about TuTu's! Ok, the store is not entirely TuTu's, but that is definitely their specialty. They really know what little girls love, and here is proof:

I can't stop looking at this picture and marveling at how adorable this outfit is!

Such unique styles, as well as some classic favorites available on their website.

Their hair accessories are not to be ignored. The headbands with detachable flowers really caught my attention.

Now to tell you that there is a chance you could win $25 to use at their shop! Just go take a look at the merchandise at Fairy Wonderful and then go to Take it From Me and leave a comment telling them what your favorite item is! They have more details and more ways to win posted! Giveaway ends October 16th.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Little Pumpkin Designs

I must insist that you visit this etsy shop! It's called My Little Pumpkin Designs and I just think it is AWESOME! In my opinion, the best part about this shop is the affordability - She is not charging an arm and a leg for her personalized work. For yourself, or as gifts, the merchandise is great for those on a budget.

I really REALLY would love to win this set:

And this one for a boy makes me go "Awwww...."

Lots of great options, and unique sets to choose from! Here is the etsy shop again: My Little Pumpkin Designs! And here is the place you can go to try your luck at winning a $25 gift certificate to the shop: Take it From Me! This giveaway will be closed to entries on October 15th.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Buy Costumes

I admit to being a little eccentric when it comes time to dress up for Halloween. I spend hours pouring over costume possibilities. And not just for me, but for EVERYONE I know. Thinking "oooh, they would be perfect for that outfit!" I know, it's crazy, but I love all the festivities of Halloween. So, here I am an advocate for BuyCostumes.com. It is one of the most popular costume websites online --- for good reason as far as I can tell. Good prices, and GREAT selection. Here are a few of my favorites I have picked out so far...

For the man of the house, how about a general? Respectable, tough enough for him to agree to it, and very handsome. Can't go wrong with a man in uniform.

For all the ladies out there, here's a mob suit. Funny choice, but I know I would have a lot of fun wearing it. (Of course my whole families costumes have to match, but I was trying to give you some variety. hahaha)

And the ever popular witch costume for little girls. I can't help going cliche on this one, because this costume is SO awesome.

My very favorite find this year has been this toddler tootsie roll bundle. oh, my, ADORABLE!

So whether you are eccentric or not you should at least go take a look at BuyCostumes.com. It's so entertaining and worth your while. You'll be amazed at the movie characters you will find, and the humorous ideas they have come up with. Also, you might as well try to win one while you're at it!!! That's right, $25 toward any costume is up for grabs at Take it From Me. This giveaway ends the 11th so you'll have to hurry to get your entry in.

Hapari Swimwear

I know the season for swimsuits has come and gone, but what about those winter getaways or hot tub outings. Awww, sounds good right? Or you could always win one and put it away for next summer.

I always go for the Tankini sets but you'll find all varieties on their website. The great part is that when you find a print you like they usually have that same print in all styles and sizes. YES!

The giveaway is through Take it From Me and you could win a swimsuit of your choice!!! Ends Oct 12th.


With Christmas coming up, and birthdays all year round I think Frecklebox is a wonderful discovery! I really have a thing against giving generic presents and feel that Personalized gifts are what it's all about - this place is full of them! If you're shopping for kids, this is a one stop shopping spree where you will find a gift that is "just the thing."

Here is an airplane growth chart that I was instantly attached to. I plan to order one for my new nephew.

Remember that tin lunch box you had as a kid? I know, it's STILL sentimental to you right? Well, I was in LOVE with mine and would love to get a few for the kids in my life. How great is it that I could have their NAME put right on it!

Another fun idea - clipboards! Fancy, or funny, vintage look, or modern - it's always fun to have a little something to call your own.

It doesn't end there. We're talking posters, placemats, notebooks, storybooks, stickers.....
I am a big fan of all their products and hope you will go take a look at the Frecklebox site!
And by entering the giveaway at Take it From Me you could win $40 to spend at Frecklebox! Read the review at Take it From Me and get your entry in before October 13th.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Out on a Limb

Oh how I wish I had the talent of making pillows! Funny thing to envy, I know, but I do love decorative pillows. So I found an etsy shop that is all about pillows called Out on a Limb. Rachel is the mastermind, and has made (or can make) something for every room in your house! Here's a sneak peak at my three favorites...

Her shop is not limited to pillows, but that's all you're gonna see from me! Gotta leave you hungry and wanting more so you will go take a look! For more details and more review you can visit the Dang Gina site. Pssst.... that's where you can find a giveaway for the LOVE pillow shown above. That's right, a GIVEAWAY. It's all at Dang Gina, but will end October 7th.

Country Expressions

I am all about handmade stuff, and have really been into crafting this year. So when I saw this Etsy Shop I had to share the news! The creative mind behind Country Expressions is Bonnie Lockman and what a talent! Her items are clearly made with love and have that special "comfy home" feel. Let me show you what I mean:

These stair strips are hand painted and perfectly poetic! I love the way they accent the whole porch!

If you are going for something a little more spooky, you'll love the Haunted House sign she came up with. Isn't it just awesome!?

Another item I just loved was her mini m&m wrappers. Available in Mummy, Ghost, or Dracula variety. I think these would be a SCREAM to hand out on Halloween.

There is a lot more to see at the Etsy Shop, and you can find a detailed review at Take it From Me giveaway site. That's how I heard about this shop in the first place. There is a giveaway going on for something from the shop........

............And here is the prize! A Candy Corn Trio! Look at the thick sturdy wood they are made out of and the quaint sanded corners - LOVE! Go to Take it From Me and enter to win! The contest ends October 11th.