Tuesday, August 24, 2010

L'oved Baby

There is tons to see at L'oved Baby's website and I highly recommend you go take a look at all they have to offer! It's all just REALLY incredibly cute stuff - Bibs, Blankets, Gift baskets, and some nursing shawls I have heard GREAT things about.

This brand is featured on Take it From Me this week and I keep going back to look. I love the way the Loved Baby website is set up and can't help but be excited about the giveaway!

Three lucky winners will win some signature "Loved Baby" pants. Are you adoring them as much as me?

L’ovedbaby’s Cotton Basics Collection line of clothing is full of super soft 100% cotton separates made to snuggle your little ones. Simple, yet stylish- the Cotton Basics Collection is perfect for mixing and matching and come in eight unique and fun colors.

This is the color that could be in the mail on it's way to you if you enter at Take it From Me. Check out the details and be SURE to check out the Loved Baby site. This giveaway ends on September 1st.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sanuk Sandals

I am just going to let the pictures do the talking for Sanuk Sandals!

I have to admit I have never heard of Sanuk, but let me assure you that I am now on board. Somebody in charge has good taste! And what a way to discover them - through a giveaway site! Someone will be winning a pair of Sanuk Sandals of their choice over at Our Family Treat! The winning entry will be announced on August 21st so hurry over to enter!

CSN Stores!

You won't believe this one! Take It From Me is giving us a chance to win a $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE!!! If you win you will be able to go shopping for basically anything you can think of at CSN stores.They have Furniture, Home Decor, Tools... you name it!

Here are a few of my top picks as I went browsing through their HUGE variety of merchandise:
Cutest little kids table! And you should see the other kids furniture they have in stock - Dressers, and shelves, and all you need to set up a nursery!

This bed set is a gem - now on sale I might add and with that $50 gift certificate you can easily afford it! And this is just the beginning. Go check out CSN stores for all the possibilities. Then go enter at Take it From Me! This one ends August 25th.

Gerber Gear

Here's your chance to take a look at Gerber. No... I'm not taking about Gerber Baby - quite on the contrary in fact. We're talking Gerber Gear for the man in your life. It's all about the Knives, Tools and gadgets that are cool enough for them and tough enough to survive them. :)

Just posted on the Take It From Me site is some info about their stuff, and a chance to win two great items! First we have the Epic Serrated Edge Knife. It has a fixed blade and lots of cool features. Check out that bottle opener on the back.
Next on the prize list is a handy Flik Tool. These are some tough wire cutters and is sure to have the right gadget to get the job done. It's the latest in multi-tool innovation from Gerber.

So for all you husbands out there, this is your giveaway! Or you wives could jump on this chance to give your hubby a FREE, yet awesome gift. Just leave a comment at Take it From Me! You will find all the details and instructions you need on their site. Giveaway ends August 24th.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pyrex Products

What's missing from your kitchen? I know I am in need of a new cheese grater... among other things. So if you can think of something you want for your kitchen, you should go over and leave them a comment at Take it From Me! There is a giveaway going on for some Pyrex gadgets, and you could win just for telling them what is on your wish list!
Look at this way cool grater - It does cheese, chocolate, or even lemon peels! Think of all the fun new recipes I could try with this beauty.

I also wanted to mention some measuring cups that were recommended on the Take it From Me giveaway site. What's so special about them you wonder? They are MAGNETIC! I thought this was the greatest idea. They all stay together so you don't have to worry about rummaging through your cupboards to find the right one. Just wanted to let you in on this great giveaway! Go check it out before August 24th and I'll wish you luck on winning. There are already a bunch of comments, so make sure yours is one of them!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Scentsy with Kristy

I love Scentsy Candles and all their amazing products! I love the awesomely friendly people, like Kristy, who sell them! I love the smells and the atmosphere they create in my friends homes. But I must admit I have yet to have any of them in MY home. I stop at every Scentsy booth I see, and scope out all the blogs. I have even begun to order on several occasions, but stopped just short of purchasing. Well, I am here to tell you that I can't resist them any longer!I have had my eye on this classic black warmer for months and months.

Any suggestions for which scents I should try? I have created quite the list of bars I would like to try, but I would love to hear from you experienced Scentsy buyers about your favorites!

And now I have come to find out that there will be a new Scentsy Product Line called Scentsy Buddies available on September 1st! What a great idea to put a scent pack inside a stuffed animal!!!

And of course I wanted to let you know about a chance to win some of this! That is what this blog is about after all. You will find a very generous giveaway by Scentsy with Kristy hosted at the Dandy Giveaway site.
There will be 4 lucky winners this times so go check out the details!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sweet Monkey Tots

While browsing blogs today I discovered another fantastic Baby Boutique called Sweet Monkey Tots I would like to let you in on a little secret this shop - You could win one of their a Baby Shower Gift Sets! What a great addition this would make to your diaper bag:

For your chance to win go to DangGina. You will find more details on how to enter. Be sure to take a look before August 10th.

And it doesn't stop there. Here are a few of my other favorites from Sweet Monkey Tots.

Another great version of the hooded towel idea that I love so much. Isn't that alphabet fabric adorable!

I love how this wipe holder is both practical and PRETTY! Go check out the variety of creative designs at this etsy shop!