Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just Simply Southern

I found a frame with the perfect colors and the perfect saying at Just Simply Southern! It's a frame with a magnet - what a great combination. That way I can hang it anywhere I please and change the picture out on a whim! Let me show you a few pictures so you can see why I recommend them to you:

Enter to win a frame of your choice at Dang Gina. For your first entry just leave a comment about which one is your favorite - it's that simple! Then if you really have your heart set on winning, then do some of the other optional entries. See you there!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Boba and Sleepy Wrap

Every Mommy needs a baby carrier. I happen to have two excellent options for you today. Sleepy Wrap for newborns and Boba for the ones who are growing up too fast. Here they are in pictures:

This sleepy wrap comes in all sorts of fun colors. My personal favorite is Orange! This wrap is specifically designed to hold your baby close to you. With one of these treasure you will find your baby sleeping peacefully against your chest.

The Boba is a structured carrier and even has a foot hold for your kids to rest their legs when riding for longer periods of time. I love the look and the support! One more plus is that the man in your life might even wear it - There's something about its build and buckles that husbands are more inclined to like.

You can enter to win a free Aspen colored Boba at Drea Wood right away! There are lots of simple ways to enter and you will thank me when you get one of these beauties in the mail!

Mercer Lane Frames

You will love the amazing variety of frames from Mercer Lane. They have specific collections for your boys, your girls, and all the other walls of your home. All the patterns are just awesome.

If you enter the giveaway hosted at Take it From Me you will have a chance to win two 12x12 frames of your choice - and THAT is something to smile about. I picked out this Sammy Star frame for my Patriotic Laundry room.

SO... what are you wating for? Check out Mercer Lane Frames and then enter to win at Take it From Me. You will thank me when you recieve two wonderful keepsakes in the mail!

Kicky Pants

I think the name of this store is just a kick in the pants - Kicky Pants! If you're looking for kids clothing you'll have to give them a try. These clothes are eco-friendly and oh so adorable. Look how soft and comfortable:

And from one bargain shopper to another - Kicky Pants is giving away a Basics Blanket through the Dandy Giveaway website. Entering is quick and easy, and you just might win!

Evie n Lizzie

Evie n Lizzie specialize in accessories and gifts for all ages! They make adorable, practical, and high quality items that will be enjoyable to use. All of the items in this shop are handmade with care and
most items you see in the shop are ready to ship! So it's just that easy to get that little something mailed right out to you! Stuff like this ---

And these are just a few of my favorites. Go to their shop to browse much much more!
When you have found the perfect item be sure to go to Dang Gina for a chance to win it! You can enter just by leaving a comment about something you saw! Gotta love giveaways!

Touch of Vinyl

I have a few empty walls in my house that I keep trying to decorate. I have found a possible solution: Touch of Vinyl This store has a ton of variety - something to fit every room. From Star Wars to Audrey Hepburn. Here are a few my favorites:

"As for me and my house we will serve the Lord"

And of course there is a giveaway - why else would this be on my blog? Go to Take it From Me and check it out. I love this site because there are SO many ways to enter. Which means lots of chances to win if you have your heart set on something.

Modern Bird Studios... Again!

After a number of similar posts I am sure some of you are beginning to think that I have a bias or some sort of affiliation with this store!!! I assure you, it is just pure admiration for their work!
I mean, take a look at these new ones -

I love the modern style mixed with the personal sentiment. These could be YOUR photos. Here is another chance to win one.

Go to All Things G&D to enter the latest giveaway. You KNOW I already have.

There is also an older one still going on at Let's have a cocktail. I have entered both!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Eden's Bouquet

It just gets better and better... I want to introduce you all to an amazing collection of classy vintage children's clothing. I am so glad I came across Eden's Bouquet and had a chance to admire their beautiful pieces. It brings out the warm fuzzies and sentiments when you stop to appreciate vintage merchandise. I love the timeless style and tender moments brought out with their gallery of photographs. Just picture these on your kids in their next photo shoot!
Dare to dream...

When you are done admiring and dreaming go over to Take it from me and tell them what your favorite item was. You will be entered to win $50 toward a purchase of your choice.

She Wears Flowers

I can't get enough of these cute little girl dresses for the summer time! I've been browsing through so many lately, and they just make me want to skip around like a little girl myself! I am hoping to win a $25 gift certificate to spend at one shop specifically. It's called She Wears Flowers and they have this adorable dress called Miss Liberty...

If you want to enter the giveaway click on over to Dang Gina and leave a comment! You have until this Sunday, May 23rd to get your entries in. Here are a few more samples:

Good Luck if you enter, but I hope I win!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Modern Bird Studios.

I just finished browsing a website and oh what treasures I have discovered! I don't think I could WANT something more. Talk about wish list! Check out a few of the amazing art pieces found at Modern Bird Studios

You can enter to win a 12 X 12 custom piece valued at $215 dollars. Oh so generous and awesome! Here's where to go The Vintage Pearl

Vintage Pearl

Hand stamped jewelry is delicate and simple, but often carries a bold message.
Which is what I love about this type of jewelry from The Vintage Pearl!

At The Vintage Pearl you will find so many different jewelry options that you will want to buy for yourself, but will also find the perfect items for gift giving!

Right now you can enter to win a $50 gift certificate and get something for you and then still have enough for someone else! Enter HERE

Halo Sleep Sack

These are adorable and even better - it's a safer way for your baby to sleep!

The new chenille 3-piece SleepSack™ Swaddle set is a great starter set for your little one. This set includes a SleepSack Swaddle with removable swaddle feature and coordinating 100% cotton body suit and long-sleeve coverall (not shown). Made with plush chenille fabric that is super-soft, the SleepSack Swaddle will keep your little one warm and cozy all night long and you’ll have added peace of mind knowing they're sleeping safely. The Swaddle is trimmed with soft satin with adorable white and sage polka dots. Little Scotty dog embroidery adds extra special touch.

You could win one through their giveaway at SIMPLE. This opportunity ends May 28th so make sure you get your entry in!

Tammy Z's Camera Straps

Have you ever carried your camera around your neck for way too long and started wishing the strap was a little more comfortable? Here's a store that has your number - Tamz. She makes soft fashionable camera straps that are just the thing for your you!

Your free customized, personalized camera strap could be just a click and an entry away at Dang Gina. One of the entries will win a camera strap of their choice up to a $25 value!

Here are just a few of the fabric choices. I love B and C.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Balboa Baby

I think this is the best idea since shopping carts - A shopping cart cover! Which, by the way, can also double as a high chair cover! There are even different patterns to choose from on the website. Go pick one out: Balboa Baby

There is a giveaway going on right now at Simple where you can enter to win one!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Hapari Swimwear

Can you tell I am in the market for a new swimsuit? First I was all about winning a Downeast suit - Still hoping for that Lime Ricki set, and now I have found Hapari!

I always go for the Tankini sets but you'll find all varieties on their website. The great part is that when you find a print you like they usually have that same print in all styles. YES!

The giveaway is through Simple and is $85 gift certificate to spend on that new swimsuit.

Sarah Jane Studios

Hello everyone - I hit the jackpot today! Sarah Jane Studios is one of my favorite finds yet. There is just something so warm and fuzzy about each item. As if my whole childhood was captured in one picture.

I love how they all tie into one theme but they are all so individually captivating! I could easily decorate a whole room with this decor - or even more if I had a boy and a girl. I have been shopping and wishing and hoping all morning that I win something from this shop. I found two giveaways for her stuff this week so listen up.

The first one is a $25 dollar gift certificate. Enter by going to 6th street design school

The second is a $50 dollar gift certificate. And you will find it at Dandy Giveaway

Thursday, May 13, 2010


This is the place you go to get your life organized. From party planning to custom design calendars "Much Ado About You" has everything you need. I am personally hoping to win one of these really cute calendars ---

You can enter to win too! Just click the link below.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Snuggy Baby

Every Mom Deserves One - A wrap or ring sling to keep that baby of theirs close. The ones at SnuggyBaby are comfortable and fashionable. A $25 dollar gift certificate is available to win through Simple.

Here is a picture of my personal favorite:

Lime Ricki Swimwear

Summer is practically here, and I know you need a new swimsuit. And not just any old swimsuit - you want a cute and modest one this time. Me too!

There is a great Lime Ricki giveaway going on right now at Simple

Here are a few of my favorite Styles:

Baby Banz

Does your little munchkin need some shades now that the summer sun is out?
Check out Baby Banz and enter to win at the site below -

Taylor Made

I have found a great Etsy shop for sewing. Taylor Made has a variety of adorable outfits that I can't wait to show you. You can get either the products themselves or just get the patterns to sew them yourself! There is stuff for Babies, Boys, Girls and even Mom!

Here's an ingenious design so that your little one can't kick of the blankets!

This little boy looks so handsome in this vest by Taylor Made.

And here is the ever popular dress which I really like the looks of.

Now that you have seen some samples do you want a chance to win? A $20 gift certificate would go along way in getting the perfect item. Here is the site where you can enter to win:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Simply FaBOWlous

Ready for some more cute little girl accessories? From headbands to TuTu's you'll find some great stuff at Simply FaBOWlous

My lucky find was this adorable crocheted hat with matching bow! It is actually on sale right now, so that was a SCORE!

The giveaway being featured is not for one accessory, but THREE. Something white, something diva, and something puffy pink. You will definitely want to see these so click here for more details.

Open for Entry until May 19th!

Signature Creations

Hello everyone, I have scoped out another great store for you. It's called Signature Creations and they deal with Vinyl lettering and Home Decor. The great part is you can get one of their signs or you can just have them send the lettering! They have a lot of your favorite sayings and also some less common ones which I love.

I have always thought this was such a cute phrase:

This would also be on my wish list - Cute and practical!

I think this belongs in my kitchen:

Your chance to win a $25 dollar gift certificate is one click away:

Friday, May 7, 2010


Here is a unique shop for you: Funkyshique

The owner is giving away $25 gift certificate that you can use to buy anything at her shop. After much deliberation I have decided that this is my pick:

After you visit the shop and pick out what you want Go to to enter the giveaway. Good Luck!