Thursday, March 22, 2012

Labor Looks

The big day is almost here for us! Just 7 weeks left until my due date and things seem to be falling into place. After attending a birthing class or two, I feel mostly prepared and ready for D-day! (Delivery Day, that is) Although I have my hospital bag ready, I have been thinking how nice it would be to have a nice delivery gown to add to my stuff. Something comfortable to put on during this somewhat uncomfortable experience.....

There are quite a few options out there now as far as style and function. Many of which the hospitals and birthing centers are completely okay with. Labor Looks is one of my favorite companies that provide hospital approved gowns. I've been shopping around and although there are a few on Etsy or the Gownies --- I am excited to have a chance to win one of my choice through LABOR LOOKS!

 This one called "Kylee Powder" is the one I am hoping for. But there are lots of cute patterns to choose from on their website. Go take a look, pick your favorite, and then got to THE BRAGGING MOMMY to enter the giveaway! It ends on March 29th.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Joovy Hook High Chair

We've been on the hunt for the ideal high chair, and just can't quite make up our minds about which kind and brand are going to work best. For some people, it's the "attach to a chair" and "buckle in" kind with dishwashable tray. But we have been searching for one that hooks directly to our table to save chair space.
I think we found a winner......

The Joovy Hook is the only deluxe leatherette fabric hook-on chair on the market.  The Hook’s anodized aluminum frame not only looks great, it’s super lightweight and strong. The patented folding mechanism utilizes die-cast aluminum components to support a child up to 37 lbs.  The Hook requires no assembly or dis-assembly. Folding and unfolding this portable seat is easy; just two buttons to push and two arms to fold. The durable, comfortable leatherette seat has an adjustable 3-point harness and is 10.5 inches deep to provide more stability and room for the child.   Just like the ultra-high-end highchairs on the market today, the Hook’s leatherette fabric is easy to wipe clean and doesn’t sacrifice comfort for cleanliness.  The Hook’s arms have non-slip rubber grip pads to protect tables. The Hook includes a 600D zippered travel bag with an adjustable shoulder strap.  The Hook is very compact and fits in most diaper bags. The Joovy Hook measures 15.25 x 13 x 5 and weighs 5 lbs.  

Thanks to The Bragging Mommy, we have a chance of winning one! yay! Wouldn't that be LOVELY! Contest ends March 28th - wish us luck and get your entries in too!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bobux Soft Soled Shoes

Before you know it, my husband and I will have a little man walking around the house! Just 8 more weeks until he is due to join our family and I am getting all the last minute items we will be needing. We figure that he won't need shoes for a while, but I can't help but look for some --- they are just so adorable!

Over at Bobux they have an awesome variety of soft soled shoes that I have been browsing. And they are offering a giveaway through Take It From Me to win an original pair (retailing for 28.95) or even a more expensive pair if you pay the difference!

Here are a few of my favorites:

 I am obviously shopping for a little boy - but you should go check out the girl selection as well! The Reviews about Bobux products look great!

For more details about entering the giveaway go find the Bobux Review at  Take It From Me!

Babies Bonded Forever

I am about to be a first time Mom, and I have a lot to learn! I have been reading all sorts of informational books and pamphlets, but I still need all the help I can get. I think some of the products over at Babies Bonded Forever would be excellent to assist me in my new breast-feeding endeavors.

One lucky TAKE IT FROM ME winner will get a $20 gift certificate to spend at Babies Bonded Forever. Click here for more details and be sure to enter the giveaway before March 25th.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sassyfras Designz

 Now that the weather has started to brighten up and Spring is in the air, I ask my husband nearly every morning.... "Is it Easter yet?" I get REALLY excited about the holidays and Easter was as big as Christmas at my house growing up. So when I caught a glimpse of some hand-painted Easter buckets by Sassyfras Designz  over at Houghton Happenings I hopped right over to the shop for my browsing delight!

I think the fluffy features on this bunny are just AWESOME and he makes me feel happy inside. In the Sassyfras Designz Shop there are lots of cute animals to choose from --- a lamb, birdies, frogs, gators, or even monkeys! The artist even does custom work like name personalization:

 There are many other WONDERFUL items to look at over at Sassyfras Designz ---- Wall art, growth charts, step stools, banners, frames... and all beautifully hand painted. They all have that "look" - you'll see what I mean.

As far as the Easter Pails, you can enter to WIN one at the Houghton Happenings giveaway site
 So whether you are TOTALLY into Easter like me, or you need a little inspiration this year, go have a looksie!