Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Evie n Lizzie

Evie n Lizzie specialize in accessories and gifts for all ages! They make adorable, practical, and high quality items that you will love! All of the items in this shop are handmade with care and
most items you see in the shop are ready to ship! So it's just that easy to get that little something mailed right out to you! Stuff like this ---

And these are just a few of my favorites. Go to their shop to browse much much more!
When you have found the perfect item be sure to go to Dang Gina for a chance to win it! Enter by March 2nd. You can enter just by leaving a comment about something you saw! Gotta love giveaways!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Green Pan Rotterdam Collection

Kitchen items from Green Pan are great for your health, the environment and your convenience!
Here is what they have to say about it ---

"GreenPan does not use PTFE, but brings with Thermolon non-stick technology a healthy alternative to the market.  Thermolon is heat resistant up to high temperatures.  This means that GreenPan has an extra safety feature; if you overheat your pan, even up to 450°C/850°F, no toxic fumes will be released and the coating will not blister or peel."

Right now at Take It From Me you can enter to win an 8" fry pan and a deep round oven pan! There will be three winners so you have a good change of winning this one! Go check out the Green Pan website for more product info, then Take It From Me for details on the giveaway.


There is so much to love about Peppergrass! My top three reasons for adoring this shop are  1- The style and cute fabric combos 2- the reputation for good quality work 3-That she primarily takes custom orders! Here is one of the many adorable skirts found in her etsy shop:

 Right now she has a review and giveaway going on at Dang Gina! She's offering a $20 Gift Certificate to use in her shop!  I have put in my entries in hopes of winning some diaper covers with a matching skirt!

The details are just so cute I could go bonkers! Open until the February 22nd - Good luck to me!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dezign with a Z

As far as vinyl lettering goes, I think this is the place for selection. So many graphics, designs, characters, and colors! I have spent quite some time browsing their stuff and dreaming of the possibilities. So let me show you a few of my favorites ---

I am not usually one for the girly frills, but this design stood out to me. Perfect for a little girls room if you ask me, and comes in all sorts of color combinations (even glow in the dark!)

 This is more my usual style. Simple, classy and easily adaptable. There are lots more floral, and nature patterns where this one came from!

My other favorites include the abstract section (where you will find geometric shapes to your hearts content) and then there are the WRITABLES! You can actually write on the vinyl - again and again - like a dry erase board. I think these are adorable and genius.


So I will refrain from posting any more pictures and simply say that I am a fan of Dezign with a Z! And if you have read this far along, you deserve to know that they are giving away a $30 gift card to their store! Excellent news, right? That will go a long way in helping you get exactly what you want without going over budget. Excitement! Find more details and enter to win at Bragging Mommy.  This offer ends February 25th. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shabby Apple

I've been watching Shabby Apple for a while now and compiling a never-ending wish list. There are just so many cute styles. I have put together my dream outfits for every occasion, and for every mood! Of course I am not a millionaire so I have pick and choose - but their prices really aren't bad for what you get, and I wanted to spread the word!

Right now at the Sherbet Blossom blog you can enter to win this dress called midnight garden! I didn't want to tell all of you, because I want to win it :) But I suppose any of you would be just as excited as me.... so I am spreading the love. I have decided to be excited for you, if I don't win. hahaha. So go enter before Saturday the 12th of February.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Funky PolkaDot Giraffe

Back to hair accessories! It's been way too long since I found a good hair bow giveaway. And this shop is especially deserving of the spotlight! It's called Funky PolkaDot Giraffe . You won't believe the amazing things this girl can do with ribbon, so I guess I better show you---
 A funky monkey! Go check out the other pictures showing how PERFECT this looks in a little girls hair.
 It's a delectable little chocolate chip cupcake! Now that is talent, and pure cuteness!
The shop is full of these piggy korker bows. All sorts of colors to accent those piggy tails!
For your little valentine, a lovely layered heart clip! I think it is down right loveable. 

There are so many I just can't begin to pick a favorite. Click HERE to see more adorable hair accessories from the Funky PolkaDot Giraffe. Then when you have seen the awesome selection go to Dang Gina to enter the giveaway. One lucky winner will be receiving two hair accessories of their choice! LUCKY! This will be open until February 13th.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hot Mama Handbags

Spreading the word about Hot Mama Handbags! Mommy or not, you will Love this stuff!
Here is my very favorite... although many of her styles are right up there with it:

Go check out the review and giveaway at ... you guessed it... none other than Take It From Me! There you can enter to win $30 gift certificate to Hot Mama Handbags. Open for entries until February 10th!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Paper Hellos

I know you are all on the look out for cute Valentines Day items, and I know I have been caught up in the kids clothes department for a while, so here's something different for you. A shop called Paper Hellos where you can pick out something in the way of home decor. It is officially February so here is just the thing to jump start your festive fancy.

I like this one simply because it's so long, and can be strung across a full banister, or a whole fireplace... pretty much anywhere!

On the other hand, a small hugs and kisses version would be just a thing to spruce up a small space. A window sill, or maybe a door frame!

There are a lot of great little banners by Paper Hellos so be sure to go pick your favorite. Here is mine -

The burlap LOVE banner! I think it's just perfect! And it just so happens that THIS is the one featured on the giveaway at Take It From Me. You can enter to win until February 9th!

The Twinery

Here is what The Twinery has to say about their product:

"Our twine is made from 100% cotton, it's eco-friendly and made in the USA. Whether you're gift wrapping, crafting or tying up baked goods to give to a friend, our baker's twine adds a fresh, yet nostalgic look to any project at hand! Our baker's twine comes in 11 delicious colors and is uniquely twisted against a bright white hue, creating an eye-popping burst of color and a creative embellishment! Our twine has lots of color which lends to a fun, candy-striped look."

They are giving away 11 spools over at Sherbet Blossom! Look at all the spectacular colors!

You can put in your entries until February 5th. For more details visit the Sherbet Blossom!