Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sew Very Thankful

I am so glad there are so many awesome ladies out there blessed with the talent of making adorable custom clothing for kids! I am just in awe at all these awesome shops filled with well-made items!

Today I found Sew Very Thankful on Etsy, and love her festive work. She has perfect little outfits for boys or girls along with very reasonably priced monogramming!
This pumpkin shirt (with matching pants) really stood out to me as something my nieces would love to wear. It makes them feel so special to have a special outfit for a special outing, especially when it has their very own name on it!
Some of the applique images are just too cute to handle! This elephant, along with a few of the others could be used for boy or girl, and just picture the name coming out of the trunk, or tucked away just below it's feet.

My absolute FAVORITE item in her shop is a ruffle pants set with an acorn and polkadots! Go check it out in her Sew Very Thankful shop!

There is a $30 gift certificate up for grabs to use at this shop. Enter to win over at Houghton Happenings! This giveaway ends November 1st so you have a little time to make a wish list, good luck!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I am already completely and happily immersed in the Christmas mode. I know... I sort of skipped the Halloween and Thanksgiving bit - but I just can't help myself this year!

So when I show you highlights of this shop full of wonderful paper crafts (such as tags, invitations, and cupcake toppers) please forgive me if I focus entirely on the Christmas assortment...

There is something NECESSARY to me about making a Christmas gift special and individualized. Even in the crazy rush of things, and the absolute stress zone,  I refuse to give cliche' and meaningless gifts. So, I think I will use these little time-saving tags this year! 

Hope I can win some through their current giveaway over at Houghton Happenings!

My Baby Clothes Boutique

This picture says it all! CUTE BABY CLOTHES TO BE HAD!!!

My Baby Clothes Boutique is a huge online store with all your baby clothes in one place. They have just the thing, whether you are looking for Boys stuff, Girls frills, or just that perfect accessory!

I entered the giveaway over at Houghton Happenings for a chance to win $25 gift certificate to spend at this boutique! I highly recommend you take a look at this one - I am sure you will find something you can't live without!

Too Chute

Hey everyone! I am back! I took a little break from the wonderful world of blogging for a bit, but you can bet that means the next few weeks will be slammed with all the stuff I need to catch you up on! Yay!

This morning I have already found a couple of great giveaways and can't imagine why I took a break in the first place ---- oh yes, I remember now.... life happens.

But here it is, the CHUTEst litte Etsy shop that you ever did see. It's called Too Chute and is filled with custom clothes for the kiddies. My number one favorite item from her current merchandise is....


I know, I am usually destined to pick the little boy stuff, but these are irresistible!  Go check out all the other perfect little items at Too Chute! And then when you come to the realization that you probably shouldn't buy things, but you really NEED to - enter to win a $20 gift certificate to help cushion your purchases. Great plan!

You will find the Giveaway details over at Houghton Happenings! It ends 10/27 so you have a little time to browse and get your wish list put together. See you over there!