Monday, August 8, 2011

Kolcraft Basinet

 I have been browsing the Kolcraft site and have discovered a few REALLY great baby items to add to my wishlist. I have also discovered some good resource links for good information. Things I will be needing to know as I get closer to my due date! "At Kolcrafts Parent's Center  you can  find information on what to keep in mind while trying to find the best products for your baby!  I also love the weekly tips, resources for caring for baby, the latest news, and more."

I just found out that TheBraggingMommy has reviewed the Light Vibes Rocking Baby Bassinet - And it is also a GIVEAWAY! Hooray for another chance to win exceptional baby gear!

This little beauty plays music, and nature sounds, along with a soft glow check light. Read the full review and enter the giveway at TheBraggingMommy!  Ends August 22nd.