Saturday, September 25, 2010

Baby Beenos

Baby Beenos is here to dress your little girls in some adorable one-of-a-kind dresses! Each one unique and really too cute to resist....

From Retro newspaper to pale green hummingbirds, what an awesome assortment of fabrics in this fall collection! These are just a taste of the beautiful work from this Etsy Shop! If you check it out right away (before someone snatches them up) you'll also find Purple corduroy, bright Petalicious colors, Black and white, or even plaid!

And I saved my favorite for last. Look at this denim pinafore with red blossom accent! I picture it as a perfect piece for summer days or over a sweet little turtle neck for colder months. I'm itching to get one of these in the mail!

There is a giveaway going on at Take it From Me giveaway site! The winner will receive $25 to be used at Baby Beenos! These dresses are already very reasonably priced, and this will enable you to go on a shopping spree of sorts! For a full review and giveaway details go to Take it From Me before October 1st!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scentsy with Valerie

Here's another chance for all you Scentsy lovers to win something! I love Scentsy Candles and all their amazing products! I love the awesomely friendly people, like Valerie, who sell them! I love the smells and the atmosphere they create in my friends homes. But I must admit I have yet to have any of them in MY home. I stop at every Scentsy booth I see, and scope out all the blogs. I have even begun to order on several occasions, but stopped just short of purchasing. Well, I am here to tell you that I can't resist them any longer!I have had my eye on this classic black warmer for months and months.

Any suggestions for which scents I should try? I have created quite the list of bars I would like to try, but I would love to hear from you experienced Scentsy buyers about your favorites!

It's time to be thinking about getting something that matches the fall decor. I love this red/orange color:

And of course I wanted to let you know about a chance to win some of this! That is what this blog is about after all. You will find a very generous giveaway by Scentsy with Valerie hosted at the Our Family Treat site. Go check out the details!

Clementiny Clothing

I want you to head over to this etsy shop right away! The Clementiny Clothing line is something special and so is the seamstress, Kari! She has a great sense of style and the shop is full of one of a kind pieces. She uses 100% re-purposed and recycled materials, most of what is used is vintage as well. Here's a sneak peak...

I picked out just a few of the outfits that everyone is sure to love, but there is so much more to see. You can find the review and giveaway at the Dang Gina site and I totally encourage you to take a look! Giveaway ends on Sunday the 9th. My hopes are set high for this one!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Crystal Cook Art

I wanted to let everyone know that there is an amazing giveaway going on for some water color art by Crystal Cook! This cute little baby face is just one of the awesome pieces she has done and I can't help but spread the word! The winner will receive a custom portrait - and what an amazing prize that would be. Go check out her blog for more details on how to enter.