Friday, April 30, 2010

Captured Imagination - Adorable Hats!

This little newsboy hat is the one they will be giving away! Entries end May 6th so go take a look!

Here are a few other hats from the shop that I really do love!

The bright red color makes me so happy inside!

This hat for little girls comes with the perfect flower that can be added or removed.

Cutest little newborn hat with ears!

This is a generous giveaway - The hat normally sells for $32 so sign up to win!

Here we go!

I have a new obsession which is increasingly addicting and time consuming. Online Giveaway sites! It's a great concept really - Type in your name, browse the featured shop, perform other little tasks to earn more entries, and viola - FREE STUFF! Now granted... it is rare that you actually win and there is no guarantee you will receive the stuff in a timely manner, but hey why not give it a try. I personally have won a few things that I absolutely love. I have also become acquainted with a whole network of awesome people. I have a connection for just about every craft, jewelry, or baby accessory you can think of! Now you may not want in on this little circle if you are prone to click "Buy it now" or "Add to Cart" before thinking it through. All this exposure to all these products could drain your bank account pretty quickly. But if you are someone who can just hold out for the very best and your very favorite stuff - by all means... hop on this wagon!!! Listed on the side bar to the right you will find some of my very favorite giveaway sites. If you are the kind of person who has no interest in doing all this online rummaging and research - I created this blog for you! I am posting about my favorite giveaways to make it even easier to find them! Now my favorites might not be your favorites but it will give you quick references if your short on time. That way you won't miss out entirely just because you had one of those crazy, insane, "cannot-handle-anything-else-right-now" busy days! Now go enter a giveaway - Hope you win!